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The Online Weekend Startup Incubator. Where I share weekly tasks & videos to help turn your idea into a fundable startup.
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How to identify an Idea that's fundable
How to build a high converting single page website
How to find and recruit rockstars in your team
How to build an MVP cheap & fast
How to launch and get early traction
Marketing & Growth Hacks
Building your Pitch Decks and Business Plan
Pitching VCs - Do's and Dont's
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About me
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About me
Ishwar Sundararaman

I am a four-time entrepreneur, I have raised money from 25+ investors. And I took my last startup from 0-50 Cr revenue, a 100+ team and profitability in less than 2 years.

I have also been rejected by over 50 investors. It's why before I started Unsolved, I took over a year to just study Unicorns and how they got there. Why?

Because investors want to fund potential unicorns and if you know what it takes to build one, you are likely to make the right moves.

If I knew what I know now, when I was doing my first startup, My growth trajectory both personal and startup journey would have been very different.

I had the same problems. No tech cofounder, no money to invest and this was back in a time when even building a simple website would cost lacs. Things have gotten immensely easier, but building something fundable hasn't because now you compete with so many more builders.

I know what happens when you work on the wrong idea, or fail to execute on the right one. I have myself gone through years of wasted effort, and multiple lacs spent without getting close to achieving what I wanted

My larger mission is to help founders like you succeed with their startups. With Fundable, you'll have access to all the resources and tools you need to succeed.

It's one startup, Make it huge. Make it fundable

Testimonials & Awards
Arun Kumar

I shared a raw startup idea in April. By June, I had my first customer & my first VC call


Completely changed the way we will be building our startup

Swaminath Jeyachandran (Mentor)

I wish this was around when I was first starting up

Gautam Koundinya

I would recommend budding startups and young products to definitely attend

Srihari Katta

Ishwar is solving a critical missing piece in the startup ecosystem

Namit Agarwal

Amazing inputs around customer acquisition and messaging for our startup...

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?

First-time founders, who are still in a job, and want to use their weekends to get their startup to a decent stage, before taking the plunge and committing full time

Are the weekly tutorials live or recorded classes

They are recorded videos where you can share doubts or questions as comments, and get them answered

Will I get feedback on how to improve

Yes, the first 10 people to complete the task for the week, will get publicly viewable feedback from me. So others can use it to improve too

Will I get access to investor database

Irrespective of which plan you choose, when you get your first customer you will get access to a video on how to find investors for your startup.

Do you introduce startups to investors

Irrespective of the plan you are on, if you have built a startup that is Fundable, we will introduce you to investors subject to a 3% success fee on your raise

Will I get access to past and future tasks?

Yes you will get access to all tasks & content from the beginning, along with new tips, hacks and tutorials that we release every week

What's the weekly brainstorm

Where we invite a few members to present their startup and brainstorm on what it will take to succeed

Who is this not for

If you are not seeking to build a Unicorn. If you are building a business that doesn't use tech, a services business or a not for profit / social enterprise, we may not be able to help

Will I be able to find Co-Founders

A lot can happen when people who are interested in starting up, encounter an idea they are interested in

Is there a start or a finish date to this program

Not really, Building a startup that's fundable involves the Founder becoming an all rounder and a continuous learner. There is simply too much to learn, do and achieve

Is there a Money Back Guarantee

We have a 21 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee on your first months membership. Write to support@unsolved.network

What if I want to cancel

It's easy to cancel, once you are in, just visit the left sidebar, click the 3 dots near Fundable and click Cancel membership. You will never be charged again

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Ishwar Sundararaman
16 Feb 23, 10:55AM

Welcome to Fundable. What to expect and How it works

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Ishwar Sundararaman
16 Feb 23, 09:13AM
How to find a fundable idea... 2 effective ways that only serial entrepreneur...

How to find a fundable idea... 2 effective ways that only serial entrepreneurs know...

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Ishwar Sundararaman
16 Feb 23, 09:15AM
Personal Productivity for Founders: What to focus on, how to prioritise and w...

Personal Productivity for Founders: What to focus on, how to prioritise and what tools to use

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Ishwar Sundararaman
16 Feb 23, 09:46AM
What VCs Want? And how to build a startup that has a business model that VC's...

What VCs Want? And how to build a startup that has a business model that VC's like

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